LUHS Open Access mandate

LSMU eDoc is an open access repository to which peer-reviewed or not reviewed scientific e-documents are submitted and access to them and visibility in the world are guaranteed. Biggest part of them is accessible for free to the user (scientist, researcher, student or any other member of society) from the moment of submission and this means that the barriers of access to scientific publications are eliminated and the authors beforehand allow usage of their works (P. Suber, 2012).

Ensuring open access via repositories and archives is called green open access model. Research article, if it is published not in open access journal can be submitted to open access repository immediately after the article is published or after the expiry of the period of embargo. Authors have to ensure the permission of publishers to submit to the repository the article which was already published, so it is useful to be informed about the publishers' copyright policy and attitudes regarding archiving of articles in open access repositories. The author can prepare the Scholar’s Copyright Addendum, protecting the author’s non-exclusive rights to create derivative works from author’s article and to reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, and publicly display author’s article in connection with his teaching, conference presentations, lectures, other scholarly works or professional activities, and add it to journal publisher’s copyright agreement.
SHERPA/RoMEO - Publisher copyright policies & self-archiving.
Scholar's Copyright Addendum Engine - engine for generating a copyright addendum PDF form.
Open access - principles and models of open access.

Registration of scientific publications, submission of e-documents to LUHS eDoc

Registration of research articles, books, papers and other publications. Information for authors:
Publications database (for reports)
Electronic form of LUHS publication registration
Instruction for e-documents submission to LUHS eDoc

Sumission of e-theses and dissertations to ETD IS/LUHS eDoc

The submission of LUHS ETD master's theses, doctoral dissertations and monographs summaries e-documents to the repository of Lithuanian Electronic Theses & Dissertations Information System (ETD IS) and order of usage is regulated by: Regulations of LUHS master works, doctoral dissertations or monographs summaries electronic documents preparation, presentation for submission and submission to Lithuanian Science and Study Electronic Documents Information System repositories and usage.

E-documents of all LUHS master works, doctoral dissertations and their summaries are submitted to Lithuanian ETD Information System.
Information for authors:
For doctoral and master students
Instruction for submission of e-document to ETD IS